What a holistic health practitioner can do for you

Increasing awareness of the harmful side effects of medicine has prompted more people to seek natural alternatives for the treatment of sickness or disease.  No longer viewed as an esoteric subject, holistic health is fast becoming the choice of health conscious individuals.

A holistic health practitioner is one who specialises in holistic health using natural options to eliminate or alleviate symptoms of poor health. 

Holistic health is based on the following principles:

Diet and lifestyle affect a person’s health and well-being.

A holistic health practitioner possesses advanced knowledge in anatomy, medical terminology, vitamins, minerals, and herbs, as well as strong empathy for others.  This enables the holistic health practitioner to evaluate a patient’s lifestyle and diet and to recommend lifestyle changes, an exercise program, and a personalised meal plan as part of the treatment program.

The body has the inherent ability to heal itself.

A holistic health practitioner understands that the cure of an ailment involves treating the whole person, by restoring a positive balance among the body, mind and spirit.  Unlike conventional medicine, a holistic health practitioner does not use drugs or chemicals to treat disease or its symptoms.  Instead, he uses natural oils, herbs, holistic nutrition and natural therapies such as reconnective healing to boost the body’s innate healing ability.

Prevention is an important aspect of health.

Prevention is the first step to fighting disease or illness. A holistic health practitioner can help you modify your lifestyle to avoid the onset of sickness, not just treat the symptoms of your ailments.

Holistic health involves safe and effective options for healing.


A practitioner may specialise in one or several natural therapies coming from a variety of traditions.  These methods have been around for centuries and are proven safe and effective for the treatment or management of symptoms. These may be used to treat a wide range of diseases or in conjunction with current medical treatment to counter or alleviate side effects.

Reconnective healing

While there are several methods of natural therapies to choose from, reconnective healing has gained the reputation for curing even seemingly incurable diseases such as cancer and mental illness.

In reconnective healing, sickness is viewed as the result of an imbalance of energies, a disconnection of the body’s meridian lines to the energy lines of the planet and the universe. Proponents of reconnective healing maintain that to heal the body, you have to restore the balance of energy so that it is reconnected to the energy grid surrounding the earth.


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