Lose Weight with Blood Type Diet

Some nutritionists and health professionals propose that good health is the result of consuming foods and beverages that interact well with your body, more specifically, your blood type.

This explains why certain foods trigger:

  • inflammation
  • digestive problems
  • weight gain

for some, while others don’t experience the same reactions.

For example, if you are a blood type O, wheat and corn by-products can make you gain weight.  These foods can also:

  • inflame your digestive tract lining and cause bloating
  • slow down your metabolic rate so you don’t burn calories efficiently
  • compromise insulin production and
  • disturb hormonal balances, causing water retention, thyroid disorders and other problems

Blood type-Os can lose weight fast by avoiding wheat and corn by-products or other foods not deemed beneficial. 

By simply determining your blood type and consuming foods appropriate for it, you will be able to get rid of unpleasant symptoms like bloating and low energy levels and even begin to lose weight.

Find out what foods are beneficial and which to avoid according to your blood type here.